Industrial Pollution from a Former Gas Site in Southall and Hayes, West London

Summary of pilot

Southall and Hayes’ pilot has been chosen after Mapping for Change came across recent news promoting the Clean Air for Southall and Hayes (CASH) campaign. Members of the campaign have been fighting against air pollution and foul odours since 2018 in the area of Southall, West London. Mapping for Change approached CASH campaigners in August 2020, with the aim to support the campaign by  collecting an evidence base by actively monitoring odours.

The situation

Berkeley Homes, a development group, started at 25-year regeneration project on a former gas site in Southall. Before the works can start, the soils needs to be decontaminated. Both this process and the general construction happening on the site release foul odours which affect nearby residents’ quality of life in Southall. Several authorities are in charge of regulating the site (Ealing council, the Environmental Agency, and formerly, Public Health England). However, no consensus has been reached thus far. Among other elements, a lack of accurate and suitable evidence about the odour issue prevents the mitigations to move forward.

D-Noses role and aims

In this pilot, D-NOSES’ aim is  three-fold: 

D-NOSES’ role will be to support CASH campaigners with the evidence collection, and liaise with all the stakeholders, from a point of neutrality, and in a transparent manner, to help utilise any new evidence collected.

  • To support CASH campaigners to gather evidence about the odour issue they are facing by promoting the use of the OdourCollect App. 
  • To approach all the stakeholders in charge of mitigating the problem: the Berkeley group, Ealing Council, the Environmental Agency and Southall’s residents - with the aim to make a meaningful use of the odour observations collected by residents to take appropriate actions. 
  •  To uncover the conditions and particular activities that heighten the odour episodes in the affected community

Progress so far

Following D-NOSES engagement strategy, Mapping for Change has reached the 5th phase of Data Collection. Currently, Mapping for Change is liaising with CASH’ campaigners, and awaits to start a discussion with Ealing council.


Screenshot of the former gas site, from the Guardian's short documentary 'Is my neighbourhood poisoning me? Living in the shadow of a gasworks redevelopment', September 2020.

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