Record and monitor odour issues

Traditionally, odour has been difficult to measure and expensive to monitor. The various reasons for this are explained in the 'Get Informed' section of this Observatory.

However, a new innovative Citizen Science method now offers a reliable and affordable way for anyone to monitor odours. By using the 'power of many', real-time data can be collected and verified cheaply for the first time ever. By having a large number of people recording their odour observations as they experience them, the level of subjectivity is reduced - everyone can't be wrong!

The easiest way to record your observations is via OdourCollect a smartphone and web application, however there is a non-digital way too...

Go digital with OdourCollect
OdourCollect is an application that you can use on your mobile phone or via the website. You can record episodes of odour as they happen and create a database of verified observations across your community. Learn more by downloading our user guide

To use OdourCollect:
  • download from the GooglePlay (Android) or the AppStore (iphone)
  • register with your email, a username and password
  • check your emails to verify your account

    Now you are ready to record odours:
  • open the app
  • add a new odour (your phone should record your location)
  • choose the type of the odour perceived
  • give a score of how strong the odour is (intensity)
  • give a score of how pleasant or unpleasant the odour is
  • add how long you have noticed the odour - for this particular episode
  • you can also add any comments.
  • Smell Diaries
    Not everyone likes being online and sometimes, pen and paper is the most popular way to engage a wider group. If you want to record odours within your community, then you can keep a diary of when the smell is good or bad, rating it from 1-5 and recording the type of odour. Here is a template of a suggested form to complete. You will need a digital champion within your group to collect this information and transfer it to OdourCollect in order for the odour observations to be validated and combined with other observations. Alternatively you can collate all the information manually but this is a much harder task and more difficult to share with the rest of the community or the industry, regulator, researcher or policy maker you might like to liaise with.
    Affected communities map
    If you are a community affected by odour issues, please add your story to the map. By sharing your situation you may help others experiencing similar issues, or learn from other communities about what steps can be taken.

    Your privacy
    We take the issue of data protection very seriously. Whether you are registering to add an odour issue to the online map or downloading the Odour Collect app, your personal data will be stored securely in line with the latest GDPR rules. We will not share your personal information with any third parties. For more information on how we will use and store your data please refer to our privacy policies when registering to use the app and the map.
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