Verification phase

Did the solution work? Was the impact reduced?
Odour impact was significantly reduced and complaints stopped.

How was the effectiveness of the applied solution monitored?
Campaigns were carried out to measure H2S in the area where odour complaints were recorded and regular controls of H2S, VOCs, ammonia, mercaptans and amines are carried out throughout the plant in order to detect sources not previously considered.

Communication phase

Was the public properly informed about the end of the process?
Meetings were held with the neighbours' association and the city council to verify the absence of complaints and to report on all actions taken.

In this way, direct and fluid communication was established between the local authorities and the WWTP, minimising the response time to any incident detected and increasing the confidence of the residents in the continuous implementation of good practices aimed at reducing and even eliminating the impact of odours from our facilities. This direct and fluid communication is still maintained today.

What was the outcome of the data analysis?
The administration commissioned a project that included a series of actions aimed at minimising the impact of odours from the WWTP. The work was put out to tender and all the actions were carried out.
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