April 29, 2019
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May 2, 2019

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You can get involved in finding solutions or mitigating against the effects of odour pollution. Whether you are representing an industry or service which produces odours or your are a community affected by odour, the guidelines below could help you achieve your goal
Use the power of citizen science to connect and measure odour pollution. Go digital: Odour Collect; Pen and paper version. Affected communities map Case studies
If you and your neighbours have concerns about an ongoing odour around your home or place of work, take a look at our guidance leaflet to see how you can improve the situation. If your neighbourhood is affected by odour, here is a helpful guide to support you to improve your quality of life and effect positive change.
Most industries or service providers do not set out to cause odour pollution. Sometimes odour is an unavoidable by-product of an essential process that benefits the community. The guide below will help you communicate with your neighbours, use their enthusiasm to help monitor odour so you can investigate potential solutions
Odour pollution covers a wide range of causes, odour types, situations and outcomes. The interactive map shows a number of different odour issues that are occurring across the world. You can search the map for any recorded odour issues near you and share your own experiences with other visitors.
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