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May 1, 2019


Citizen science is for the general public who do not necessarily have a scientific background or experience. It brings together the power of many noses, in the case of odours. Communities can record the frequency, type and intensity of any odour affecting their neighbourhood and help to build a clearer picture of the issue.
Girl with phone using CM
The Citizen Science approach to monitoring odour brings together the power of many, using one of the most effective odour sensors - the human nose.

Communities can record the frequency, intensity and type of odour that they experience and combine the individual observations of many to build a clear picture of the issue. As more citizens are involved in sharing their findings, or data, the level of subjectivity is reduced.

Citizen Science (CS) is a flexible, innovative and effective approach based on the engagement in scientific processes of people who do not work professionally in the relative field of study. Giving the citizens the opportunity to observe their environment and share information, CS projects create scientific knowledge outside institutionalized science.


What can it be used for?

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