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October 5, 2020
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Citizen Science for Public Authorities: Webinar Content Available

Citizen Science in Environmental Monitoring Webinar

Citizen Science in Environmental Monitoring Webinar


Back in July, D-NOSES partners’ Mapping for Change held a webinar addressed at local authorities in the UK. The webinar specifically targeted officers and teams responsible for authorities’ environmental agendas.

This webinar explored the different ways in which Citizen Science (CS) can complement, facilitate and support current environmental monitoring procedures.

Mapping for Change also gave an overview of the variety of online and offline accessible tools that are available to carry out environmental monitoring with the help of citizens themselves.

The webinar is now available online! Have a watch here for a definition of Citizen Science and its different levels of implementation. You may recognize parts of the D-NOSES’ methodology of engagement! Citizen Science is indeed at the core of the framework of actions implemented within D-NOSES.

You may be interested in a more dedicated account of the tools that are developed in Citizen Science projects. These tools play a crucial role in the delivery of these projects, as they act as the bridge between citizens and scientists, enabling data collection at large scales. In D-NOSES, partners use OdourCollect – which has been mentioned a plethora of times already in this blog! OdourCollect enables citizens around the world to record odour observations, fostering great transparency in relation to understanding how many neighbours, friends, nearby residents or citizens across the world are being impacted by odour issues.

For a more thorough account of the Citizen Science in the context of odour pollution, and how it complements current monitoring procedures while addressing some of their shortcomings, please have a watch here.

We hope you’ll enjoy this webinar’s content and that it will give you new insights and ideas about the worth behind Citizen Science and its many applications.


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